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Winterizing Your Car in Four Steps

Though the Midwest has already seen snow and arctic temperatures, meteorological winter has not yet begun.  So you still have time to make sure your car is set up for the cold season ahead.  Here are Fleet Farm’s top tips to make sure your car is safe and winterized in style: 


It’s essential that you have good tread on your tires as we head into the snowy months.  The cold can also affect your tire pressure, so have your tires checked when the temperatures drop rapidly.  You can bring your car into Fleet Farm for an inspection of your tire treads and pressure any time.  While your tires are getting the onceover, ask to have your headlights and brake lights checked as well. 


For the dark and snowy winter months, you can’t be without wiper blades that are in tip-top shape.  Replace your blades now so you aren’t caught in a blizzard with faulty wipers.  And try winter wiper blades that are designed specifically to remove heavy snow. 


Your car battery works hard in the winter.  If it’s more than three years old, you should have it replaced before you’re out in sub-zero temperatures.  Be sure to have jumper cables or a portable jump starter in your truck. The new Lithium-ion batteries are small, portable, and —bonus — they charge your cell phone in case of emergency.   


As the temperatures drops, products like HEET are critical to get rid of any water from condensation that can freeze in your fuel line.  And if you drive a diesel, stock up on your diesel fuel additive and “winterizer.”