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Is Your Garage Stocked for Winter?

Snow season means cozy nights by the fire, hot chocolate, sledding and snowmen.  But it can also bring icy sidewalks and driveways.  When you’re prepared for winter weather’s arrival, it’s easier to enjoy the beauty of a fresh snowfall.  Fleet Farm recommends four essential ways to be ready for snow. 


Our Fleet Farm customers gravitate toward “pusher” shovels, like these from Yo-Ho and Tru Temper.  Pushers tend to be easier on the back for lighter snowfalls. With these ergonomic tools, you don’t have to lift the snow — it simply rolls over the top as you push. 


We recommend you fire up your snow thrower early, fill it up with fresh gas with stabilizer and change the oil.  If your snow thrower has seen too many winters and seems rough to start, you may want to upgrade to a new Ariens or Briggs & Stratton version. 


Ice melt comes in many shapes and sizes, and Fleet Farm carries more varieties than you can imagine.  We have regular rock salt, dual blends, pet friendly, and magnesium and calcium chlorides. Pro tip:  Mix hot water and magnesium chloride to create a brine that you can spray on your concrete surfaces before a storm — it makes clean up a breeze. 


Make sure YOU are ready for the snow, too.  Dress in layers for shoveling so you don’t get overheated.  Check out these cool (yet warm) Milwaukee M12 rechargeable heated jackets.  Turn them on when you need to get toasty, and then turn them down or off when you’re active.